Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Playing with my photos....

From every side I hear how important photos are in online business. Many successful artists swear  that a good picture is a number one priority in process of selling handmade stuff online. Am I surprised to hear it? NO! I can see how it works on me. I don't have time to click on 'everything'. Firstly, I look around and then I click on what I like.
I am always  attracted to photos which look 'old '. I especially fancy those ones with bright colors and vintage look.
I thought that the problem, why all  my photos are so plain,is my camera. I recently found out that some cell phones can add polaroid effect to photos and make them sort of bluish and old looking. My camera is really good, do not take me wrong...but it doesn't have any 'polaroid vintage effect' adding  button. So I started to look for a new camera  when I found out that my problem can be solved much quicker and I don't have to spend a penny.There are many programmes which can easily do that and on top off it- most of them are free.So I downloaded one of them and for another hour or two I was playing with few of my photos.
It's kind of late now and I might change my mind tomorrow  about how much I like my  new photos. Anyway, at this moment I am totally satisfied with what I got and I would like to share with my happiness on my blog(However, I am not too excited about the orange frame I added on my second picture . It wasn't the best idea but I am not going to change it  now. I will do it later with fresh mind. Hope, it won't bother you too much.). So here they are:

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