Saturday, December 11, 2010

Busy Week

I have been kind of busy lately. I don't know how but it's Saturday again. Because I had to work this week, I didn't have lot of free time for my journals. However, I did manage few of them. For some reason I did fall in love with 'glue' or maybe I should call it a medium which I love to apply on top of my drawings. The whole process of creating a journal with a picture covered with glue is kind of looooong but I wouldn't change it. It is somehow unique.

These are some of my drawings ready to be put on top of a journal as a cover illustration. Some of them are used, the rest is still waiting but to be honest with you- I am not sure if I use all of them. I can get bored easily....

This is my last journal. I finished it yesterday and I can still feel it in my fingers. I am not sure if my note( 'for someone with snowflakes in his hearts') makes any sence but I like it anyway. Fingers crossed...

These two journals are my favorite. I almost wish to keep them...

I did some new sketches and hopefuly I will find some spare time today to make them a part of my journals.
Oh,I almost forgot to mention that I made my decision about 'my future'. I am going to take a risk and try to make my dreams come true. I am excited but deep inside I am freaking out.

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